Mission Statement:  

Bringing reality to life from the page to the stage. 

Visionary Mission: 

Our mission is to deliver powerful entertainment and a positive message  through music and television. Film and T.V, that is innovative, creative,  informative, fun, and entertainment, for yesterday’s generation, today’s generation, and generations to come. We thrive to lift every spirit of those  that are disadvantaged, downhearted, and all those seeking another level of  enlightenment. Delivering real life circumstances, and a message of  empowerment, spirit and love to inspire and encourage people all over the  world, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, religious views, and styles of life. 

Our ultimate mission and vision is to establish a studio/theatre for Fine  Arts and entertainment, which will house theatrical plays, comedic relief,  poetry, and musical talents of all genres. RLL Productions will educate through teaching and training for theatrical plays, television pilots, and  Broadway performances. Delivering stories of those individuals that just  “need to be heard”, and give every individual with aspirations, an  opportunity to live out their lifelong/and newly discovered dreams. Our  overall goal is to provide a platform, not only to fulfill dreams, but to also  provide employment opportunities throughout the community. 

My Motto: 

The sky is NOT the limit; your determination reaches far past that. Dream  Big, Dream out loud, for the dreams you seek will in return begin to seek  you….. 

Reggie Lewis Sr. – CEO/Visionary